About XPRESS solutions

Arista presents one stop solution within a single framework to help digitize and automate various processes around your enterprise applications that are manual and prone to human errors.

A framework with smart solutions, plug & play applications, scalable to any size, configurable & integrated, mobile enabled that allows you to reach your goal of digitization and transformation of enterprise application landscape.

This framework is powered by 3A's - Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Analytics to improve productivity and predictability.

Features of Platform

The integrated suite of solution is supported by a scalable, flexible and a robust platform

Security Control

  • Role based access control
  • AD Validation for Internal users
  • SOX compliance – Requestor cannot be approver

Audit Trail

  • Configurable Audit Trail functionality
  • Separate Database to store audit trail records
  • Standard reporting

Alert Notification

  • Standard Alerts
  • Role based Alert Access
  • User subscribes to available alerts
  • Email, in App, Text Alert delivery

Approval Workflow

  • Configurable Approval Hierarchy by business function
  • Visual Approval chain display
  • Multilevel with Horizontal /Vertical approval

Integration Framework

  • Common Integration framework
  • Standard in/out bound methodology
  • Configurable as per source/destination application technology

Report & Dashboard

  • Common reporting framework
  • Role based access to data and reports
  • User can create their own reports


  • Chatter functionality for collaboration
  • Communicate with users within the application
  • Role based control

Multi Language Support

  • Multi language capability
  • Can be configured based on User choice
  • Labels, Messages & Alerts all on local language

Mobile App

  • Single Mobile App for all Module
  • Common look & feel
  • Inquiry & approval functionality

Artificial Intelligences

  • Home build AI learning algorithms
  • Meta datas db for applications
  • Easy to configure


  • Eliminate manual process
  • Reduce human errors
  • Automate integration & workflow routings.


  • Predefined metrics
  • Identify & Highlight Outliers
  • Actionable user data points