Jan 19th 2022 at 1:00 PM EST

Digital Transformation for Business Processes
Is it really necessary for Growth and continued Success?

We will look at the growing need of Mid-Market sized Enterprises to transition from your existing business software and internal processes onto the "Digital Operations Platform". We will dive into detail about your digital transformation requirements:

  1. Are my current software applications and business processes really ready for Growth?
  2. Am I really prepared for next-generation technology requirements?
  3. Do I have ready-access to data and analytics from anywhere?
  4. Do I have a single source of truth about my business?
  5. Can I access and measure my Key Business Metrics when I need them, instantly?
  6. "Myths" about "ERP is not my cup of tea, we are a small Organization". Does this really apply to me?
  7. The real need for a digital Operations Platform rather than just an ERP for Enterprise Success.


Chuck Johnson

Business Development Head @Arista Consulting

Grace Duncan

Regional Sales Manager @Oracle NetSuite

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